course: build green: save money and get a better house when you build or remodel

Do you want to stop paying for electricity in your home? Would you like a home that’s comfortable all year long, that takes care of itself and that lasts longer than the mortgage? Do you want a home that can actually make you money?

We can show you how to design and build a home that does all of these things. And it’s easier and less expensive than you may think.

Green, high-performance homes and additions use less energy, have healthier indoor environments, are more comfortable, and last longer than conventionally-built homes. And they can actually make you money.  With the right information, designing and building a new home or addition can be a rewarding experience.

This workshop will give you a basic understanding of high-performance homes, renovations, and additions. We’ll cover the elements that are part of high performance homes and the industry conditions that create a need for us to build them.  You’ll know what to look for when evaluating a high-performance home and will be able to better participate with your designer and builder during the planning and building process.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits and basics of green homes
  • The importance of site design
  • What kinds of insulation are used
  • How controlled ventilation means better indoor air quality
  • How photovoltaics (Solar) can be designed to give you more energy than you use
  • What new technologies are making heating and cooling systems better than ever

We’ll give you an overview of the design and building process, and how it affects your finished project. And finally, we’ll review the finances of high-performance homes and how they can be no more expensive than conventionally-built homes, and, in fact, can actually make you money.


  • Learn the elements of high performance homes and how they respond to the many changes in the residential construction industry.
  • Learn the fundamentals of air, heat, and moisture flow.
  • Identify the building process changes needed to cost effectively implement high performance homes.
  • Learn how green homes can cost less in the long-run and make you money.


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