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Michael duclos

Mike Duclos is a principal and founder of the DEAP Energy Group, LLC, a consultancy providing a wide variety of Deep Energy Retrofit, Zero Net Energy and Passive House related consulting services. Mike is a founder, on the board of directors, and is director of education of Energy Raters of Massachusetts, Inc., a RESNET certified HERS Provider specifically catering to independent HERS Raters in New England. Mike also founded Energy Efficiency Associates, LLC to provide conventional home HERS, energy audit, Stretch Code, tax certification and associated verification and consulting services. Mike is a founder and on the board of directors of Passive House Massachusetts, an organization promoting high performance ‘passive house inspired’ building technology and education. Mike is both a Certified Passive House Consultant and PHIUS+ Rater, has pre-certified and certified Passive House homes with both PHIUS and PHI, and is working as a PHIUS+ Rater on a home pursuing certification with PHIUS.

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